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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShowReal?

ShowReal is a fun new dating app that creates the video for you and lets you see videos of other people before potentially matching with them.  You answer up to 4 easy to answer questions and we create you your very own unique ShowReal.

What makes ShowReal ‘Real’?

People can’t hide behind fake photos with ShowReal, everyone has to complete the simple steps to create a video and and so you see the real person behind the profile.

How do I record a clip for my ShowReal?

Click edit My ShowReal in the profile section. Then start by clicking Add clip to your ShowReal.  You can choose from one our 10 questions or write your own and you can record an answer or upload an existing clip from your phone. You will then be lead through saving a 5 second video using our editing tools.

How do I create my ShowReal from the clips I have recorded?

Once you return to the my ShowReal screen, hold and drag the clip into the square area below. You can drag up to 4 clips into here and also rearrange them depending what order you want them to play in.

How do I edit, save or share clips?

Tap a circle clip to highlight it.  The question it answers will appear above it with a menu.  Here you are given options to edit, download, delete or share your clip to social media.

How do I publish my ShowReal?

Once you are happy with your ShowReal click publish to activate it on your profile. Any time you return to edit your ShowReal and make changes, don’t forget you must hit publish to show that to other users.

Can I only search for people around me?

With ShowReal you have the flexibility to fix a Home location that you can search while you are anywhere, search a specific location or to have ShowReal follow you using geolocation.

On the Real Review screen, I see people that match my search preferences followed by a list of users that have have found my profile, whats the difference?

People that match your search preferences will appear at the top of your Real Review screen.  ShowReal also shows you users that have found you in their search preferences and that may have liked you. This ensures everyone that views a user’s profile is always reviewed by that person too.

Why is someone I kept listed on my Real Potential list?

The Real Potential list is where you can see who you’ve Kept.  They stay here as a potential match.  Once they have clicked Keep they will goto your Real Messages list.  If they Cut you then they will disappear from your Real Potential list. I pressed keep on a user but want to change my mind.

You can goto your Real Potential or Real Messages and click on the user to goto their profile.  Here you can click Cut to remove them from your lists.

What happens if I give someone a 2nd chance?

When you give someone a 2nd chance it means that if that users updates their ShowReal in the future you will see their profile again. This is confidential, the user will just know the total number of  second chances they have received in their  profile screen.

How do I block or report a user?

You can do this either by scrolling to the bottom of a user’s profile page and clicking report user or in a Real Message click the drop down arrow at the top of the message. Here you can block or report the user.


How do I change my notification settings?
Goto your profile page and click the top right tool wheel.  Scroll down to Notifications and here you can toggle on/off which notifications you’d like to receive.

What are the advantages of connecting my Facebook account?

When you connect your Facebook account you have an easy way to login to your account that pre-loads details into your profile.  You can see friends you have in common with other users and  to save embarrassment you can conveniently block your immediate Facebook friends from seeing your profile.

How do I connect my Instagram account?

Goto your Profile and scroll to the bottom.  There you will see a Connect to Instagram link.  Click this and follow the Instagram login screens. This will show a feed of your Instagram photos on your profile.