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Don't know where to even begin to make a video? Don't worry we ask the questions and make the video for you

  • Real Review

    Review other user's ShowReals that match both of your search preferences. Click their profile pic to see their full profile, with Facebook and Instagram integration, then decide if you want to Keep or Cut them or give them a 2nd Chance to re-do their ShowReal

  • Easy to answer questions

    Pick from one of our 10 simple questions or write one of your own, record a 5 second answer and then use our editor tool to create your clip. Answer up to 4 questions to create your ShowReal

  • Real Potential

    You always know where you stand with ShowReal. Your Real Potential list contains the users where you clicked Keep, that haven't reviewed your ShowReal yet. They will move to your Real Messages list if they keep you back. If they decide to Cut you or give you a 2nd Chance they will disappear from the list

  • Create your ShowReal

    Don't be daunted by creating a video. Once you've answered up to 4 question and created your clips and you can drag them into your ShowReal, where we will edit them together to create a video profile you will be proud of

Its the details that matter


Make it all about you

Cut out the background noise with our unique circle video recorder. It forces you to hold the phone a sensible distance from your face and allows you to make the video anywhere without worrying about whats around you. Selfie in a darkened room? Don't worry use our lightening filter to brighten things up.

3 Types of Location Filters

With ShowReal, you set up a fixed home location when you create your profile, but it doesn't stop there. We also allow our users to search any location as well as use our 'Follow Me' feature. So you can search on the go, at home when you are away, or a new place before you even arrive

Feedback and 2nd Chances

Get real time feedback on the performance of your ShowReal on your profile screen. See how many times it's been viewed as well as how many users have given you a 2nd chance to improve your ShowReal. Remember if you re-do your ShowReal these users will see your profile again

FaceBook and Instagram Integration

Log in with Facebook to see what friend's you have in common, use your profile picture and shy users can use our special feature to block your immediate friends from seeing your ShowReal. Also connect your Instagram account to show potential matches your last 24 photos

Fully Featured Messaging

Enjoy all the features you see in popular messaging apps, so you know precisely where you stand when talking to potential matches - see when they were last online, if messages were delivered and the ability to share photos

Expand Your Horizons

Don't let any potential matches slip through your fingers, we not only show you users that match your preferences, we also show you a secondary list of users who's preferences you matched and that may have liked you

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